Ayo Brame

17yr old Oakland Native

Ayo Brame is a 17year old up and coming Tenor Saxophone Jazz musician out of Oakland, California.   He is a student of Jazz Great Richard Howell by way of Oaktown Jazz Workshops.  He considers himself a purist when it comes to jazz as he channels late greats such as John Coltrane, and Wayne Shorter.  Embraced by the jazz community, he has been very lucky in acquiring additional mentors that influence and challenge him on a regular basis such as Kev Choice, Ayinde Webb, Stacy Dillard, Stabe Wilson and Eric Wyatt. He has been fortunate to share the stage with so many accomplished musicians at venues such as the Black Cat in San Francisco, Brownstone Jazz in Brooklyn Jazz, Geoffrey’s Inner Circle in Oakland, CA, the Nash in Phoenix, Az., GR Noir in Grand Rapids, MI, Dizzy’s Coca Cola Room & Sour Mouse in Manhattan, NY, and Small’s Legendary Jazz Club in The Village, NY.  This year he completed his inaugural 8 city tour to gain visibility outside of his immediate community where he was able to play with an array of professional musicians around the USA.  In addition to the saxophone, he plays the clarinet, bass guitar, drums, and music production where he's beginning to lay original tracks. 

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